Mr. William Brown

Brown Brothers Meats

Cutting Fresh meats at Brown Brothers Meats stall. Todays store is in same location in the market. In the foreground is Toronto's first City hall with it's bright colored stone arches still visible today.  When visiting us you can view this arch in the picture and the produce vender who occupies this space. 

​Picture donated by the Brown Family.


​​​Christmas Prep at St. Lawrence Market 1920's

This picture shows the Brown Brothers Meat store at Christmas  before the crowds. Yesterday and todays store accupy the same stall as of today. The left side of the store ended at the wall currently occupied by La Boucherie and the right side of the store continues along the centre aisle through Uppercut Meats to the stairs in the middle of the market. In the 1920's families of the City of Toronto and surrounding boroughs would come to the market and buy their meats in this way. Top level is Lamb, second is poultry, third is beef. Meat was sold fresh and only in whole then portioned by the butcher. Meat is still sold this way but is refrigerated, up until the 1990's poultry, turkey was still sold whole as the picture is shown above until laws changed processing requirements.                            Pictured donated by Mr. Bob Huff and son Rob.


Brown Brothers Meats 1920
Brown Brothers Meats 1935

Brown Family 1900

           Picture donated by the Brown Family


Brown Brothers Family 1900
Brown Bros. Oklahoma Territory, 1894

Christmas  1901 

Picture donated by the Brown family


Brown Brothers Meats 2019

Since 1895

Brown Brothers Meats

Round Pond,

Oklahoma Territory, U.S.A


Close-up view of Broadway Street, Round Pond, Oklahoma Territory.

Shopkeepers and customers pose in doorway, By Kennett, January 1894.

​Picture by U.S Nation Archives and Records Administration.

National Archives Identifier #540094



Brown Brothers Meats 1901

North America's Oldest Operating

Food Shop in its Original

Location. Since 1895

North America's Oldest Operating Food Shop in It's Original 

stall at the St. Lawrence Market. 

Owned by the Brown family till the mid 70's  before Anthony

bought the business and started introducing new innovative

products .  

St. Lawrence Market winner of 2012 National Geographic


Best Food Market in the World.

Anthony is a 4th generation butcher and his sons Pat and Joe

have been there ever since.  We are the oldest butchers in the

market and still bring the rich history and traditions of

Browns Brothers.  After modernizing the business, we were the

first meat vendor to directly sell to the public on a daily basis

and introducing various cuts of meats that no other in the food

industry offered. We grow as the community grows,  

and in doing so continually  offer new,  fresh products that meets our customer needs. Our meats are hand cut on the premises.

Bringing the freshest quality meats to generations of families.