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You will be served at Brown Brothers Meats by our trained staff who have  years of experience in the food industry. 

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Leg  Quarters

Farmland Ontario Grown

​$1.99 LB.

Peameal Bacon  

Toronto's Offical 

Signature Sandwich​​

World Famous Peameal Bacon Sold Here Since 1895!

We're Saving You More Everyday. Keeping our prices low means better, fresher products arriving daily. Come by for a visit and see for your self. The Savings and the Fresh Meats you bring home to your family is what makes us happy.

St. Lawrence Market

Brown Brothers Meats views our local Ontario farms as a great source of fresh meat products.  Come by for a visit and see why generations of families shop for our Fresh Top Quality Meats.

peameal Bacon

Since 1895